The gathering of business elites at Davos may witness the greatest concentration wealth in any one locale in history.

According to Forbes magazine, 69 billionaires from 20 nations are scheduled to attend the economic forum in the Swiss ski resort. By Forbes’ calculations, the assembled elites have a total net worth of $427-billion, greater than the aggregate GDP of Israel and Egypt combined.

The U.S. leads the parade of well-heeled attendees, with twenty, a great many of them affiliated with the spheres of finance, technology and hedge funds. The deep-pocketed Americans include Hedge Fund managers George Soros, Steven A. Cohen and Louis Bacon; private equity bosses Stephen Schwarzmann and Henry Kravis, and tech stars like Google’s Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt. (However, recent press reports indicate Rupert Murdoch may skip Davos).

Following in second place is India, with 17 attendees, including Mukesh Ambani and Lakshmi Mittal, the two wealthiest residents of the country.

Russia comes in third, with nine billionaires in attendance (although one prominent Russian executive, oil boss Mikhail Khodorkovsky, cannot attend since he is in jail).

Interestingly, there will only be one Chinese billionaire attending and she is a woman -- Zhang Xin, the 45-year-old CEO of SOHO China, the largest real estate developer in Beijing.

Here is the full list of Davos billionaires:

(net worth in $billions)


Bill Gates $54.00
Sergey Brin $15.00
George Soros $14.20
Michael Dell $14.00
Steven A. Cohen $7.30
Jim Goodnight $6.90
Rupert Murdoch $6.20 *
Eric Schmidt $5.45
Charles W. Ergen $5.20
Stephen Schwartzman $4.10
Henry Kravis $3.40
Nicholas Berggruen $2.20
H. Fisk Johnson $2.00
David Rubenstein $2.00
Marc Benioff $1.80
Louis Bacon $1.70
Thomas Pritzker $1.60
Henry Ross Perot Jr. $1.40
Jonathan Nelson $1.35
Scott Cook $1.20

Mukesh Ambani $27.00
Lakshmi Mittal $26.10
Azim Premji $17.60
Ravi Ruia $15.00
Kushal Pal Singh $9.20
Sunil Mittal $8.60
Kumar Birla $8.50
Adi Godrej $7.50
Malvinder Singh $4.20
Uday Kotak $3.40
Rahul Bajaj $3.00
Ajay Piramal $1.75
Baba Kalyani $1.72
Nandan Nilekani $1.60
Kris Gopalakrishnan $1.50
Vijay Mallya $1.45
Naresh Goyal $1.20

Vladimir Lisin $15.80
Oleg Deripaska $10.70
Vagit Alekperov $10.60
Alexei Mordashov $9.90
Vladimir Yevtushenkov $7.50
Viktor Vekselberg $6.40
Leonid Mikhelson $4.40
Dmitry Pumpyansky $2.90
Roustam Tariko $1.40

Elizabeth Mohn $4.40
Hubert Burda $2.50
Friede Springer $2.50
Stefan von Holtzbrinck $1.80

Sri Prakash Lohia $2.65
Chairul Tanjung $1.25

Ernesto Bertarelli $10.00
Thomas Schmidheiny $4.30

Ferit Sahenk $2.10
Tuncay Ozilhan $1.30

Jim Balsillie $2.30

Zhang Xin $3.10

Mario Moretti Polegato $2.40

Timur Kulibaev $1.10

Najib Mikati $2.50