In a miracle incident, a 34-year-old man came back from the dead during his funeral in the southern Indian state of Karnataka. Eshwar Pavade’s body lay next to his freshly dug grave on Thursday ready to be interred when his relative found out that the "dead" man was breathing. 

According to the Times of India, a grieving family member was lying across the dead man’s chest when he felt the breathing. Within seconds, everyone noticed that the man slightly opened his eyes. The incident took place at a burial ground in Station Ghanagagapur village in Kalaburagi district. 

Pavade was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital and admitted to the critical care unit. 

Local media reports said Pavade had been living in Maharashta for a couple of years. He recently fell sick and was admitted to a hospital. Pavade's family is demanding action against the doctor of a private hospital for declaring the man "dead."

This is not the first time such an incident took place where a person who was declared dead was actually found to be alive.

In December last year, a baby on the way to his own funeral was discovered to be alive, despite doctors at the hospital pronouncing him dead shortly after birth. The incident happened in a private facility called Max Hospital in Delhi, India. 

In another incident last year, a 17-year-old miraculously woke up on the way to his own funeral in an Indian village in Karnataka. Kumar Marewad was bitten by a stray dog and suffered from high fever for days. After his condition worsened he was put on a ventilator. Days later the family decided to take him off life support. Miraculously, the teenager came back to life, opening his eyes, when he was on his way to his funeral.