• Dennis Rodman's “Nike Air Shake NDestrukt" had sold more pairs than Air Jordans for a time
  • Rodman confesses that he has never bought a pair of Air Jordans
  • Michael Jordan says he never had a problem with Rodman as a teammate


One of Michael Jordan’s most famous former teammates once got the better of him in one aspect.

The Jordan brand has been a giant in the sneaker industry for years.

A wide array of NBA stars who have been rocking Air Jordans on and off the basketball court certainly says a lot about the success of the brand.

Moreover, the fact that Jordan is still arguably the best basketball player in the world also plays a huge part.

However, some may now know, but the “Nike Air Shake NDestrukt”--which the company made for Dennis Rodman at the time--beat the Air Jordans in terms of sales.

Revealing his bold thoughts about the matter, Rodman recently confessed that he wanted to tease "MJ" about how his sneakers outdid the NBA icon’s Air Jordans.

“At the time, I didn’t realize that this was really so popular,” Rodman told Complex. “I started sending people in the stands, on the street right – ‘I’m actually selling shoes huh’. They did something really cool with this shoe, so I’m like ‘Thank you!’”

“It was so awesome, I wanted to bust Michael’s a-- and say, ‘Hey you know Michael, my s--- is outselling yours,” he added.

What’s even more interesting, “Worm” also admitted that he has never bought a pair of Air Jordans ever in his life.

According to Rodman, there’s no animosity between him and Jordan and it’s just so happened that he never thought about buying one for himself.

"It's amazing, I've never bought a pair of Jordans in my life,” the NBA Hall of Famer revealed. “Ain't that a b----? I used to play with this f-----g guy, right? I don't hate you, Jordan. I love you to death, man. I love you, brother."

Rodman and Jordan played for three seasons with the Bulls in the 90s.

The two have completely different personalities as "MJ" was known for his incredible passion for winning, while Rodman made a name for himself as the NBA’s “Bad Boy.”

Nevertheless, “His Airness” bared that he never had an issue with Rodman as a teammate.

“His dresses don’t bother me,” Jordan said of Rodman after the Bulls’ fifth title in 1997. “His hair doesn’t bother me. Sure, I mean, he’s gonna go wacko every now and then. We’ve come to live with that. We’ve come to accept that.”

“But you can’t find another player on the basketball court that works just as hard as Dennis Rodman,” he continued. “Gives 110%, dives at loose balls even if he can’t get them. That’s Dennis Rodman. So I don’t have a problem with Dennis, and I don’t think Phil does. I don’t think Scottie does. We’ve been able to control him to some degree.”

Dennis Rodman, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Ron Harper and head coach Phil Jackson all of the Chicago Bulls
Dennis Rodman, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Ron Harper and head coach Phil Jackson all of the Chicago Bulls Getty Images | JEFF HAYNES/AFP