Boxing fans and friends of Adrien Broner are concerned that he has threatened to commit suicide. In multiple posts on social media Wednesday, Broner indicated that he’s going to try to end his life.

In one of Broner’s Instagram posts, he apologized to his friends and family for something he was prepared to do at 3 p.m. Shortly after, he posted a photo of a gun with the caption that read, “I’m going home I love y’all.”



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I'm going home I love y'all __

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According to TMZ, those who know Broner are taking the posts very seriously. A few of his close friends are reportedly worried that he’s going to kill himself, and one unnamed friend says he even contacted the police.

In the past, Broner has made implications on Instagram that turned out not to be true, though none have been this serious. When one of Broner’s posts indicated that he was retiring from boxing in August, the president of Broner’s promotional company was quick to say the fighter was joking.

Broner is one of boxing’s most talented and charismatic young fighters, compiling a career record of 32-2 at just 27 years old. There were recent reports that he could get a title shot before the end of 2016.

But Broner has had his share of issues outside of the ring, most notably a 30-day jail sentence that he served in July and August after he arrived at a hearing three hours late. Broner was on trial for felony assault and aggravated robbery charges at the time.