Billy Crystal made an appearance on ESPN's "SportsCenter" Wednesday night, and depending on whom you ask, he either bombed or had people laughing their guts out. Watch the video of his pre-game catchphrase practice and decide for yourself.

It's not quite clear how Billy Crystal, who played an NBA basketball referee in the 1995 film "Forget Paris," was chosen to appear on "SportsCenter," but the results were pretty interesting whether or not you find them funny.

Video of the actor practicing his catchphrases backstage at ESPN hit YouTube prior to his apearance on "SportsCenter," and the ideas he came up with were hilarious and totally different than the ones you would usually expect to hear. Here's a sampling:

"Boom, l'chaim! ... I'm trying to work on some new phrases. In your matzoh ball. I don't - it's - I'll get it," he said. "There's your kreplach."

Crystal went on to explain the excitement he felt about his ESPN debut, which he said during his on-air appearance has long been on his "bucket list":

"I've done nine Academy Awards, I'm more excited about this than anything I've ever done," he explained, before offering one last gem, "Take that or I'll sue you."

His actual remarks on "SportsCenter" were also hilarious, as he delivered quips about some of the big sports stories of the day.

One portion of the show touched on Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard's atrocious free throw shooting (he's shooting 50.6 percent so far this season), and Crystal had quite the zinger for him:

"Three words. Lasik. Eye. Surgery."

He also had advice for New York Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony, telling him that next time he sees former New York Head Coach Mike D'Antoni -- who is now at the helm of the Lakers -- that he should go easy on him as he's "coaching senior citizens" now.

And Crystal saved some of his jokes for the "SportsCenter" team itself, riffing on a commercial in which ESPN announcers jokingly reveal that they don't wear pants during the show:

"Do they know I'm not wearing pants right now?"

Press play below to watch the video of Billy Crystal practicing his sports-announcing catchphrases before his appearance on ESPN's "SportsCenter" Wednesday evening: