chloe ayling model
British model Chloe Ayling said she was held captive by a sex slave ring for six days in a farmhouse near Turin. She told Italian police she promised her captor sex once she was freed. Chloe Ayling/ Instagram

In a shocking turn of events in the Chloe Ayling kidnapping case, the kidnapper, in a local court in Milan, claimed the British model who alleged she was kidnapped last July in the city wrote her own ransom note.

Lucas Herba, 30, from Birmingham, England, who was accused of kidnapping the model, made the shocking revelation during a trial of the case.

Herba, in his revelation, told the court he met Ayling via Facebook in 2015. Speaking of the alleged kidnapping, Herba said: “She wrote them with me. My English isn’t too good. She collaborated. She knew that when all the scandal was over she would earn a lot of money and publicity.”

“The kidnap was planned but it’s complicated and not as the girl says,” he further said.

When asked about Herba injecting Ayling with the horse tranquilizer Ketamine, the former told the court he did not do it.

“I’m telling the truth. It was a plan to help Chloe get publicity. The idea was to make up the kidnap to make her famous,” he said.

Since his arrest, Herba maintained Ayling’s kidnapping story was “fabricated” and a “publicity stunt.”

Ayling claimed she was kidnapped in July in Milan by a group called “Black Death,” who was infamous for buying and selling women through auctions on the dark web. After Ayling was freed, she told the police her kidnappers kept her captive for two days and planned to auction her off on the dark web.

Recounting the horrific experience, Ayling at the time, said she was grabbed by two men, handcuffed, and drugged with Ketamine. She also claimed her kidnappers told her they were going to sell her as a sex slave.

"When I walked into the 'studio' there was just silence. Normally someone would greet you at the door, closer to the door, but I just didn't hear anything. So that's why when I saw the door saying 'studio' on it I went to open it, but before I had the time to quickly process my thoughts that is exactly when the masked man put his arm around my neck and my mouth and nose. And another one came to the front of me and injected me in my wrist. Two men, two masks. Absolute panic — I didn't know what it was, I didn't know why they were doing it. At this point, I still thought someone wrong had got me and the shoot was still supposed to go on. I didn't connect it to a setup," Ayling said at the time.

However, Ayling was accused of fabricating her kidnapping story by many people. Speaking of the same, Ayling said at the time: "It is really hurtful to see people doubt my story. Like when I went shoe shopping apparently, which was to the camping shop to get shoes for the consulate, people were saying why didn't I run? It's easy for them to say that but when you're in my situation it's not that easy. I was with an assassin that's always armed, I'd been shown knives.”