• Joe and Gomamon arrive at the hot springs
  • Gekomon controls the hot springs 
  • "Digimon Adventure" Episode 53 is set to air Saturday

Gomamon is in trouble as a Digimon from the hot springs captures her. "Digimon Adventure" Episode 53 is set to showcase Joe’s attempt to free Gomamon and battle against Gekomon. The new episode is titled "The Geko Hot Springs’ Revolt."

The official preview trailer for the upcoming episode shows Tonosama Gekomon in action. It remains to be seen if Joe can save Gomamon from Gekomon. Moreover, Joe needs to free the hot springs from this Digimon.

One of the stills from the trailer shows Gomamon crying out for help.

Twitter user Wikimon shared the spoilers of "Digimon Adventure" Episode 53 detailing the true intentions of Gekomon.

In the upcoming episode of "Digimon Adventure," Joe and Gomamon are in search of a medicine that can heal Patamon and Tailmon.

The search takes them to the hot spring but to their surprise, it has completely dried up. Gekomon has built a massive mansion on it.

Gekomon, who controls the hot springs, starts liking Gomamon and expresses the desire to marry the Digimon.

“In order to heal Patamon and Tailmon, Joe and Gomamon arrive at some hot springs they once found. However, the hot spring they are after has completely dried up, and a huge mansion has been built in its place,” read the synopsis of Episode 53.

“Tonosama Gekomon, the lord of the mansion who loves hot springs, is monopolizing them. Not only that, but Tonosama Gekomon takes a liking to Gomamon, and unilaterally declares that he will take Gomamon as his wife and captures him. Joe, Takeru, and Hikari get kicked out of the mansion and are unable to even get close to Tonosama Gekomon. Then, Joe comes up with a plan,” the synopsis continued.

The cast of "Digimon Adventure" anime includes Yuko Sanpei as Taichi Yagami, Yumiko Kobayashi as Koshiro Izumi, Ryoko Shiraishi as Sora Takenouchi, Takeshi Kusao as Jou Kido, Misaki Watada as Hikari Yagami, Marika Kono as Mimi Tachikawa, Megumi Han as Takeru Takaishi, Atori Shigematsu as Piyomon, Chika Sakamoto as Agumon, Junko Takeuchi as Gomamon, Daisuke Namikawa as Yamato Ishida, Mayumi Yamaguchi as Gabumon, Mie Sonozaki as Tailmon, Miwa Matsumoto as Patamon, Takahiro Sakurai as Tentomon and Ryotaro Okiayu as Devimon.

"Digimon Adventure" Episode 53 is scheduled to air Saturday. Crunchyroll is officially streaming the episodes.

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