• A Digimon named Gekomon wants to marry Gomamon
  • The Chosen Children set out for a new adventure
  • "Digimon Adventure" episodes release every Saturday in the U.S.

After dealing with Millenniumon, the Chosen Children and their partner Digimon embark on a new mission. Patamon and Tailmon are badly wounded after the volcano mission.

The latest spoilers for "Digimon Adventure" Episodes 53-55 are available online teasing what happens next in the ever-changing Digital World. 

Twitter user Wikimon shared the translated summaries for the upcoming "Digimon Adventure" episodes that will be airing in June and July. 

"Digimon Adventure" Episode 53 title and summary

Episode 53 is titled "The Geko Hot Spring War" and it is scheduled to release on June 20. 

"In order to cure Patamon and Tailmon, Joe and Gomamon arrive at some hot springs that they once came across. However, the hot spring they are after has completely dried up, and an enormous mansion has been built in its place. The lord of the mansion, Tonosama Gekomon, who loves hot springs, is keeping them all for himself. Not only that, but Tonosama Gekomon likes Gomamon, and unilaterally declares that he will make Gomamon his wife and captures her," read the synopsis.

"Joe and the others get kicked out of the mansion and are unable to even get close to Tonosama Gekomon. Then, Joe comes up with a plan," it added.

"Digimon Adventure" Episode 54 title and summary

Episode 54, titled "The Wandering Berserker, Rebellimon," is set to air on June 27.

"En route to their next destination, Taichi and co. set foot into the wastelands, inhabited by villains that are constantly fighting each other. They meet Cutemon and Rebellimon there. Rebellimon is a rough-tempered Digimon who suddenly attacks them. He says ‘Cutemon is just a nuisance who follows me around noisily’, and goes off to fight against the villainous Boarmon alone," read the summary.

"However, the combo of Taichi and Agumon chase after, and help Rebellimon, who has fallen into a predicament in his fight against Boarmon. Although Rebellimon boasts that he 'likes fighting alone,' memories within him that should have been completely lost gradually come back. He used to be Orgemon," the summary continued.

"Digimon Adventure" Episode 55 title and summary

This episode is titled "The Targeted Digimon School" and it will be out on July 4.

"Mimi and Palmon return home to the Tanemon village where they first spent time together in the Digital World. However, before they know it, a Digimon school had been established there. Having been convinced by Babamon, who calls herself the principal, Mimi and Palmon decide to try enrolling at the school. However, due to a series of extremely hard classes, the two of them become completely exhausted," read the synopsis for Episode 55.

"Although they think about whether to flee or not, they gradually realize that there is a reason for Babamon's strict instructions. During that time, Bancho Mamemon, who dropped out of school after causing trouble, comes to 'settle the score', accompanied by his followers," it added.

"Digimon Adventure" episodes are streaming every Saturday on Crunchyroll in the U.S. and every Sunday in Japan.

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