Of his homeland, Nepal, Satish recalls a skyline of mountains. Was the flight to Dallas not years long? He boarded a teenager, not yet thirteen years old, and he landed in the United States an adult.

While other teens were at baseball games, Satish watched tutorials on website design and laid the framework for an e-commerce business. In the high school cafeteria, a young Satish could be found hunched over his computer, using his lunch hour to create modules that would revolutionize the online business model.

A tech prodigy, Satish understood a decade before most that websites had to be optimized for mobile phones. At fourteen years old, his business, WooAgents, earned its first contract. Satish was no stranger to bold tactics such as cold calling, as he refined his elevator pitch and sought to pay for his lunches. Soon, his business would fund much more than a hot meal.

Satish leveraged the profits from WooAgents  ( https://WooAgents.com )  to found DirectPay  ( https://DirectPay.io ) , a software business for entrepreneurs. His businesses also paid his undergraduate tuition; Satish studied biochemistry alongside building his burgeoning tech empire. Never one to be idle, Satish even found time for a day job as a database manager for the University of North Texas.

One quintessential Texas morning, sun heating the cement before it had risen, Satish was slumped on the library steps. Burnt out from three sleepless days of studying and managing clients, Satish had collapsed on his way to work.

He says, “Treating my businesses as a side hustle was the problem. I realized that I had to choose a focus. I had to figure out what I loved most, what defined me, what energized me, what makes me who I am. I knew without a doubt that was entrepreneurship.”

From that point on, Satish had a singular and relentless drive to create businesses with unparalleled technology and service. His businesses reflect his values of resourcefulness and innovation. Satish now operates numerous SAAS companies including DirectPay, WooAgents & Podmio with limited VC involvement. He employs over 60 people across Europe, USA and India.

Recently, Satish journeyed back to Nepal. As the plane dipped low and the peaks of green caught his eye, Satish reflected on the many paths his life could have taken. Like the mountains of his youth, Satish dared to breach the clouds to attain unimaginable heights. On a napkin, he penned his personal mantra, the words that had made the difference.“In business, speed matters, but life is not about speed. It’s about directions and directions can be changed.”