A diver, during her winter whale watching, had narrowly escaped colliding with an enormous humpback whale that was feeding on a bait ball of herring.

Dianshan Ee, an adventure junkie originally from Singapore but residing in the Netherlands, recorded a video of it in her GoPro and shared on her Instagram as well as Facebook profiles on Nov. 24.

“Still in awe of my experience and to be in close encounter with these amaZing wildlife!” her Facebook post, read.

Ee was diving in the fjords along the Northern coast of Norway while aboard M/S Malmo, a winter whale watching expedition boat, looking for orca. The appearance of some herring bait balls close by gave Ee an inkling that a Whale might show up. Whales are known to prey on herring.

Ee, with her crew, got into the water and kept a watch from a safe distance near the surface while two whales swam deep underwater. Ee’s video got interrupted by scores of herring darting toward the camera, obscuring the view.

The video shows one of the whales chasing Ee. It emerges out of water and glides past just a few feet away from knocking her while she screams with joy.

“We were very lucky to witness herring bait balls, with orcas and humpbacks nearby in feeding mood. So, I swam towards the action, staying a safe distance away. But suddenly the herring started to scatter my way and humpback came right beside me!” Ee told the Daily Mail.

She said the vast marine environment is full of surprises. “I was caught unaware on this occasion, but we must always remember that we are in nature, in their homes, so we have to respect marine animals,” Ee added.

In terms of length, an adult humpback can range between 39 to 52 feet. It can weigh up to 25–30 metric tons.

Whale Pixabay