• The Golden State Warriors were one of the most dominating teams in recent years
  • Draymond Green says he and the splash brothers are a big reason for changing the game
  • The Warriors are currently rebuilding and are looking to bounce back in the coming season

The past decade featured the rise of the Golden State Warriors into a dynasty. The way the Warriors dominated changed the game as Draymond Green credits himself and the splash brothers for the sports’ transformation.

The fast-paced style the Warriors dictated led the Bay Area team to five consecutive trips to the NBA finals and three championships. It was the sharpshooting display of Steph Curry and Klay Thompson that propelled the Warriors into breaking multiple records across the league. The addition of Kevin Durant in 2017 pushed their level even further as a force not to be messed with.

But one pivotal piece in the Warriors is Green who served as the team’s energy big man. While Green isn’t lauded as a lethal shooter like the splash brothers, he’s made significant contributions to the team. The all-around effort on the rebounds, assists and defense benefitted the Warriors tremendously.

In a recent appearance on the All the Smoke podcast, Green said that the trio of him, Curry and Thompson were integral for revolutionizing basketball.

“I think I changed the game of basketball with the help of Steph Curry,” Green said,

While he’s not the offensive superstar that Curry is, Green’s effort has been instrumental in the Warriors’ chemistry.

“I think Steph Curry changed the game of basketball with the help of me. I think it was a match made in heaven. And then Klay Thompson ... us three changed the game forever,” he concluded.

The way the Warriors were able to win their games drew comparisons to the Chicago Bulls of the 90s. This was a link to the legendary team was at its peak when Golden State broke the regular-season record. While the talk toned down once the Warriors lost a 3-1 lead in the 2016 finals, the influence of Curry and Thompson remain extraordinary.

Throughout the Warriors’ dominance, Curry has won two regular-season MVPs to go along multiple three-point records. His partner Thompson isn’t far behind as he’s made historic performances along the way. In addition to Thompson’s record of 14 three-pointers in a game, he’s had his share of clutch playoff moments.

The Warriors are currently on a rebuild but are looking to bounce back once Curry, Thompson and Green return in full force in the coming seasons.

Draymond Green and Stephen Curry
An injured Draymond Green and Curry (right) of the Golden State Warriors celebrate on the bench during the Warriors come-from-behind win over the Orlando Magic at ORACLE Arena in Oakland, California, Nov. 26, 2018. Ezra Shaw/Getty Images