A young boy’s outing in the waters of the Bahamas took on an unexpected thrill in December, as he was unknowingly surrounded by a school of sharks. Footage of the incident was captured by a drone, whose pilot was able to warn the boy in time for him to get out of the water and avoid anything dangerous happening, Inside Edition reported.

The drone’s pilot, Artem Tkachenko, uploaded the video to YouTube on Dec. 19. In the video, we see an unidentified young boy jump into the shallow waters of a beach in the Bahamas before a school of four sharks appear to converge on him. According to Inside Edition, Tkachenko yelled at the boy to run, which adequately alerted the child and caused him to get out of the water. The sharks harmlessly swim away after that.

“Thank God he heard me,” Tkachenko said, per Inside Edition.

Shark attacks do occur in the Bahamas, but the sharks coming towards the boy in the video appear to be nurse sharks. Nurse sharks are relatively harmless shallow water dwellers who can nonetheless grow to very large sizes, according to National Geographic. Regardless of the shark breed, Tkachenko decided to err on the side of caution and get the child out of the water.

Drones have become an effective way to document sharks, as a cursory YouTube search turns up dozens of videos of sharks swimming around shallow water near beaches. This video from November shows sharks getting extremely close to swimmers on Miami Beach, for example.

A drone was also used to find the body of a 4-year-old girl who had gone missing in Florida in December. A civilian allowed authorities to use his personal drone, which gave a bird's eye view of the area. It eventually led to police finding her body in a pond.