The person who tied a noose to a tree at Duke University early Wednesday morning has been identified, according to a news release from the school in Durham, North Carolina. The suspect is an undergraduate student there but is no longer on campus and will go through the student conduct violation process while Duke coordinates with state and federal officials to see if any laws were broken, the administration said.

Duke will not name the student or give other details. Michael Schoenfeld, vice president of public affairs and government relations, declined to identify the student or say if he or she would be expelled or suspended, according to tweets from the Chronicle. He said Duke was "not in a position to discuss motivation." No further details were available.

People came forward with information about the student quickly after the incident, Larry Moneta, vice president for student affairs, said at a news conference Thursday afternoon. The student admitted to tying the noose, but Moneta said it was "way too soon" to say what consequences he or she will face.

After pictures of the noose went viral on social media Wednesday, campus leaders held a diversity forum attended by more than 1,000 people, according to Duke Today. "We must stand united as a community -- students, faculty, staff and all others who call Duke their home -- to eliminate intolerance and prejudice from this campus," Student Government Presidents Lavanya Sunder and Keizra Mecklai said.

The noose was found about two weeks after a black student said she was harassed by white male students at Duke. They reportedly mocked her with the racist fraternity chant that became notorious last month when University of Oklahoma Sigma Alpha Epsilon brothers were filmed singing it in unison.

"I’m appalled that things like that still happen,” sophomore Natalie Mauney told Duke Today about the noose incident. “I hope it will wake people up and make them ready to stake a stand."

The university is continuing to investigate whether other people were involved.