An easyJet passenger returning home from Spain was shocked to find his luggage and valuables were torn to shreds after he picked it up from baggage claim at an airport in Bristol, England. 

Harry Drew, 26, a council worker from Exeter in Devon, England, found his suitcase had been ripped open with a massive hole at the top and all the contents damaged and stained. An employee told him that the bag possibly sustained damage during transportation.

"The bag had just come out on the carousel and it was all ripped. The bloke at the baggage desk reckoned it could have been chewed up by the conveyor belt," Drew told British media. "No one brought it out and asked whose it was, it was just dumped on the belt and that was it."

An Exeter City soccer jersey he received as a gift from his uncle, who died two months ago from cancer, was also severely ripped and stained.

"My uncle passed away two months ago. That's irreplaceable," said Drew.

Drew was in the process of boarding a Barcelona-bound flight when an airline employee told him that his carry-on bag was too big for the overhead compartment so it had to be stowed under the plane.

He claimed he tried several times to contact officials at easyJet 10 days after the incident, but he has been unsuccessful at getting a response.

"I was told to contact baggage advice. I've emailed and tweeted them twice and heard nothing back," he said. "It's frustrating because it's all my clothes I took away, and they're not giving me the time of day."

Drew said he wants to find out what happened to his bag and hopefully he can replace most of his tattered possessions.

"I want a response and some sort of compensation for this. They need to do something about it," he said.