Trump socks
German police seized tens of thousands of dollars-worth of Donald Trump-shaped orange ecstasy tablets, Aug. 21, 2017. In this photo, Trump socks are seen as he speaks during an address to the National Association of Home Builders at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel in Miami Beach, Florida, Aug. 11, 2016. Getty Images

German police said in a Facebook post on Monday that they seized tens of thousands of dollars-worth of orange ecstasy tablets that resemble the face of President Donald Trump, during a routine check up at a traffic stop on Saturday.

Osnabrück Police in the northwest German state of Lower Saxony wrote in their Facebook post on Monday that they stopped a Peugeot 307 hatchback, an Australian-registered car on the A30 highway on Saturday in order to check for questionable license plates.

"In the control of the car, the officials found 5000 Ecstasy Tablets, with the portrait of the American President Donald J. Trump. In addition, a large amount of cash has also been secured," the translated statement on the post read.

Two men who were present in the vehicle — a 51-year-old man and his 17-year-old son were arrested in the incident, and their vehicle was seized, police told the Guardian.

Police said they found 5,000 orange-colored pills, which were made in resemblance to Trump’s face along with his coiffed hair and pursed lips. On the back of the pills, were Trump’s campaign signs — five stars in a line at the top and the word "Trump" engraved beneath the stars in the middle of the pills.

According to the police, the pills were said to be purchased at an amount of €11,000, which equals to approximately $12,900. The police also estimated it could have sold for approximately €36,000, which amounts to approximately $42,400, NBC News reported.

The two suspects in the incident appeared before a judge on Sunday and an arrest warrant was issued against them.

This was not the first time that a product bore the president's name or resembled his face. There have been several bizarre items bearing Trump’s face, or his name since the time of his campaign.

One well-known example was a pair of socks featuring the president’s face and a flappable version of his signature golden-colored hair. The socks were created by Erica Easley and sold through her company called Gumball Poodle in 2016, during the president’s election campaign.

"I like that we can bring a bit of humor and smiles back into the election," Easley told, a USA today affiliate, last year.

A brand of toilet paper labeled "Trump" hit shelves in Mexico in June this year. Mexican attorney Antonio Battaglia was behind the project. The packaging for the toilet paper promised "softness without borders" and showed a toilet-paper roll featuring a blond wig that looks remarkably like the president’s hair, according to the Washington Times.

There had also been toilet paper rolls featuring his face and some of his infamous tweets. The toilet paper with Trump’s tweets was sold on Amazon in August, Time reported.

Dog poop bags with Trump’s face on them was also a thing last year. They are still available on a website called "Dumps for Trump." They are priced at $12.95, 3 rolls consisting 45 bags.

The description of the product on the website reads: "Already have a super sweet dog waste bag dispenser? These Dumps for Trump dog waste bag refills will certainly make you the talk of the dog park. Scoop your pup's poop in style with these gems!"