• Cesar Azpilicueta believes Eden Hazard can recall his old self with Real Madrid
  • Hazard is out to prove his true worth next season for Real Madrid
  • Azpilicueta finds it odd to see Lionel Messi leaving Barcelona

It has been a trying period for Eden Hazard of Real Madrid, having to deal with adversity last season. Injuries have hampered his true worth, but Cesar Azpilicueta believes there is still time, confident that the Belgian will eventually show his true worth at Santiago Bernabeu.

After a hefty investment of $119 million was made on the 29-year-old midfielder, Los Blancos hardly saw promising returns this season. Hazard was seen as one of the players who could fill in the void vacated by Cristiano Ronaldo, who left in the summer of 2018, Goal reported.

The setback has not succeeded in frustrating Hazard. He previously said that he feels that his first season with Real Madrid was not all that bad, calling it a season of adaptation. As far as he is concerned, judgment should be made next season where he will be out to prove he is worth every cent of that investment made by Real.

One person who believes he can live up to expectations is Azpilicueta. Hazard's former Chelsea teammate hopes he can get his act together soon and display the same form he had when he was still at Stamford Bridge.

"This season has been hampered by injuries and he hasn't been at 100 percent," Azpilicueta said to Radio Marca. "I hope he can pick up some rhythm in order to help his team."

If there is any person who feels Hazard has yet to show what he can do, it is Azpilicueta. Glimpses of that were seen last season when he made a brief appearance. Unfortunately, that run was cut short when he re-injured his foot.

Regardless, Azpilicueta believes there is still time for the Belgian to come back strong.

"I have no doubt that Real Madrid have lots of quality players and that Eden can show his worth in that team," Azpilicueta said. "Let's hope we can see the Eden we saw at Chelsea."

Like most critics, Azpilicueta is up to date on the developments concerning Lionel Messi. A potential move to England could happen, though he admits it would be a bit strange.

"For us, it would mean much more competitiveness, but it would be strange not to see him at Barcelona next season," the Spaniard said.