Election Day 2012 began with Vice President Joe Biden casting his ballot with his family in Greenville, Del., on Tuesday morning.

Republican candidate Mitt Romney and wife, Ann, cast their ballots in Belmont, Mass.,ann while running mate Paul Ryan returned to his home state of Wisconsin to vote in Janesville.

U.S. President Barack Obama was the first president to vote early when he cast his ballot on Oct. 25. First Lady Michelle Obama cast hers on Oct. 15 and tweeted a photo of herself smiling with her election ballot. More than 30 million people have already cast their ballots for the 2012 presidential election.

Obama is on Chicago on Tuesday after finishing up his campaign tour in undecided states on Monday. Meanwhile, Romney added last minute stops in Cleveland, Ohio and Pittsburgh.

Obama and Romney are locked in a tight race and have been from the start. On Tuesday, CNN reported that the initial election results came in as a tie for both candidates for election day. Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, which has opened its polls at midnight for every election since 1960, had 10 voters come out to cast their ballots; Five voted for Obama, and the other five voted for Romney.

"Considering the way things are polling around the country, we may have been the first tie of the day," town clerk, Dick Erwin, said. "Keep your eyes on the news reports, because it's going to be a wild ride."

In Hart's Location, New Hampshire, which also began voting at midnight in 1996, Obama garnered 23 votes while Romney had nine.

On Monday, Obama's team urged their supporters to remain calm as early polling results come out.

“Keep calm and tweet on,” Obama's deputy campaign manager, Stephanie Cutter, said. “So, no matter what you hear tomorrow about turnout in Republican counties or exit polls, particularly early in the day, please remember and remind your readers that, because of early votes, we’re where we need to be to win … I don’t think there’s going to be official exits until the end of the day, but if things leak out that aren’t validated or weighted, please stay calm.”

Romney attended a campaign rally Monday at the Patriot Center at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., and urged more people to go out and vote at his stop at an airplane hangar at Orlando Sanford International Airport in Florida.

‘‘Look, we have one job left, and that’s to make sure that on Election Day, we make certain that everybody that’s qualified to vote gets out to vote,’’ Romney said. ‘‘We need every single vote in Florida … Tomorrow, we begin a new tomorrow."