Whistleblower site Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who has been in spotlight for exposing diplomatic cables, seems to have a cablegate scandal of his own, as some of his emails recording his attempt to court a teenager have surfaced.

Gawker has exposed emails dated April 2004 that record Assange's communication with a 19-year old girl when he was 33 and enrolled in the University of Melbourne.

The emails were triggered after his chance meeting with the girl in a bar. She approached Assange stating that she found Assange Just strangely alluring for a 19-year-old girl. Later Assange walked her to her home and kissed her which she stated she was not particularly thrilled about.

However, this chance meeting ensued a barrage of emails from Assange with excerpts from a mail sent by Assange to the girl stating that he found the meeting and kisses alluring and further wanted to explore, requesting for a second meeting.

The answer was negative from the girl, whom Gawker calls Elizabeth, not her real name. She iterated that she had not passed her phone number to Assange and was thus shocked when she received a call from Assange.

After being snubbed Assange sent another mail chastising her for her cold reaction to his call which he termed as lacking dignity. However, Assange continued to pester her by sending a mail that called her attention to their first meeting which was followed by a second call. Elizabeth answered the call pretending to be someone else which elicited another mail on the false assumption that Elizabeth was counter flirting.

Even when Assange's love diplomacy didn't reach any further he attempted to get Elizabeth to call her. He passed on his number using a code which included a clue that incorporated three letters of your sunny license. Something which further spooked Elizabeth, as he had gained access to her driving license.

After plodding with a few more mails and having received a direct notification from Elizabeth not to call, Assange's dogged determination waned and he sent a final mail, a catharsis, which included prose that summed his feelings stating: You pulled a tiny petal off my world just when I thought you were to add one.

While Assange has received much flak for his Wikileaks expose of diplomatic wrangling which didn't sound diplomatic, his own attempt at courting bordered on stalking sans diplomacy. While Assange has received a bail, after being arrested for accusations related to rape and sexual misdemeanor, the way he pursued Elizabeth could make a perfect tell-tale as to how not to date.