Harold Camping's theory that May 21, 2011 is the Judgment Day is based more on calculations rather than divine revelation.

Doomsday prophet Harold Camping is claiming that the Second Coming of Jesus is destined to take place on May 21 which will be coupled with a destructive earthquake followed by the rapture of true Christians.

The theory is a result of five decades on Bible Study. He is currently propagating his end of the world prediction through Family Radio, a broadcasting network which is entirely supported by his ardent followers.

Camping's theory reveals that there is math to his apocalyptic madness.

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Camping claims that Noah's flood mentioned in the book of Genesis occurred in 4990 B.C. God had told Noah that the flood will last for 7 days Using the scripture 2 Peter 3:8 which says a day is as a thousand years, Camping claims that thus 7 days can be interpreted as 7,000 years. Thus May 21, 2011 is exactly 7,000 years after 4990 B.C.

Here are some portions of Camping's theory and various insights he could glean from numbers.

Camping states that certain numbers in the Bible point to certain spiritual truths. He elaborates: The number 3 signifies God's purpose. When the Bible writes about Christ being crucified, the number 3 is featured about 15 times: 3 crosses, 3 apostles, 3 denials by Peter, etc. All of these 3's are emphasizing it was absolutely God's purpose that Christ be crucified.

 The number 5 signifies the atonement or redemption (that is, Christ died to pay for the sins of those who become saved).

The number 10 or 100 or 1,000 signifies completeness. For example, the Bible speaks of 10 coins or 100 sheep or 1,000 years. God speaks of Satan being bound 1,000 years in Revelation 20:2-3.

The number 17 frequently signifies Heaven and number 23 means destruction. All these numbers have been validated by scripture references which Camping provides in an article titled Another Infallible Proof.

He continues his number crunching stating: We learned that the church age officially began on Pentecost, May 22, 33 A.D. It continued exactly 1,955 full years until May 21, 1988 when the church age came to an end. The number 1,955 is made up of three prime numbers, each of which can have great spiritual meaning. The numbers are: 5 x 17 x 23 = 1,955. Thus God by these numbers is echoing or paralleling 2 Corinthians 2:15-16, which is quoted above: 5 (atonement or redemption) times 17 (brings heaven) times 23 (or brings God's wrath or destruction).

Further, he explains the mystery of the number 722,500 as: Let us return now to the 722,500.07 days from April 1, 33 A.D. (the day Christ was crucified and died) until May 21, 2011 (the day when God's salvation plan has been altogether completed and all of the true believers are brought or raptured into Heaven). The number 722,500 is made up of two sets of identical significant numbers. Each number is intimately related to God's salvation plan:

5 x 10 x 17 x 5 x 10 x 17 = 722,500

The atonement or redemption demonstrated by Christ's suffering and death on April 1, 33 A.D. (the number 5) is 100 percent completed on May 21, 2011 (the number 10) when all the true believers are raptured into Heaven (the number 17).

In Camping's estimation only 200 million people which is 3 percent of the world population will be raptured on the Judgment Day May 21.