Erin Andrews
Sportscaster Erin Andrews arrives at the 45th Country Music Association Awards in Nashville, Tenn. REUTERS/Harrison McClary

Are Erin Andrews and Chace Crawford dating? The word on the street is that the ESPN it girl and Gossip Girl guy have been seen out together in New York City a number of times recently.

Erin Andrews, 34, is known as one of the hottest reporters on ESPN as well as a former Dancing with the Stars participant, and Chace Crawford, 26, is a beloved actor on the hit show Gossip Girl.

And now they may be hitting it off, as a source told Us Weekly that they have been out on a couple dates and that they're getting to know each other. The magazine reports that the pair also have been spotted out and about at events and cozy dinners in NYC.

Us Weekly goes into more detail about the budding romance rumors in a Hot Stuff video posted on its website over the weekend, stating the following:

Chace goes after Erin. Well, way to go Chace Crawford, he's scoring again, this time with Erin Andrews, an Us Weekly reporter says in the video. They showed up at a party together last week, a vodka party, and then they ate at one of our favorite restaurants, Scalinatella, you know that place in the basement, you can do all kinds of nookie down there, no one knows. I mean no one knows what's going on down in that basement.

And goes into further detail, offering the following juicy bits:

The Gossip Girl star and his new ESPN reporter / former Dancing with the Stars contestant gal have gone on a few dates together, and really seem to be hitting it off! the site wrote. For now, the couple is keeping their love on the DL... for now.

The pair is not the most likely in show business, given their age disparity and their respective careers, but Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore made it work at least for a little while, so no one should judge them yet.

Click this link to go to the Us Weekly site featuring the exclusive Hot Stuff video that provides more info about the rumors that Erin Andrews and Chace Crawford are dating.