chris broussard
ESPN NBA reporter and personality Chris Broussard took umbrage with Bomani Jones' comments on Russell Wilson and Ciara's chastity.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson said over the weekend that he and hip-hop star girlfriend Ciara are abstaining from sex for religious reasons, and it became a trending topic through various sports channels and sites. Some didn’t agree or couldn’t quite understand Wilson or Ciara’s decision.

ESPN personalities and reporters Bomani Jones and Chris Broussard even chimed in on the topic, with Broussard taking umbrage with what Jones said during an "Highly Questionable" appearance earlier Tuesday.

Broussard and his Christian beliefs have been well-documented, and he even stated his faith was the reason why he disagreed with homosexuality back in 2013 when former player Jason Collins revealed he is gay, a stance Broussard later clarified.

Jones responded by flipping the argument into more of a rights issue rather than a religious one, and corrected Broussard’s interpretation. Jones also took on other Twitter users, and essentially refused to back down from his stance.

No matter where Broussard or Jones' opinions lay on the issue, the fact that they took their mini-argument on to Twitter could have ESPN executives stepping in. Lots of ESPN’s personalities like Michelle Beadle, and the soon-to-be former columnist Bill Simmons, have gotten in trouble for going a little too far on social media and the network likely prefers its on-air talent stay away from such sensitive topics like religion.