• Italy beats England via penalty shootout to cop the Euro 2020 title
  • Italy nets its second European Championship
  • England's players receive racist comments from their own fans

Just when England was about to finally achieve something that they haven’t been able to for 55 years, they flubbed it when it mattered most.

Widely recognized as the home of the best football in the world, England has only had one international title in its entire history--winning the FIFA World Cup back in 1966.

The running joke has always been that England may have been the innovators of the current form of football, but they were not good enough to win anything on the world stage.

Not even having the "Golden Generation" led by the likes of David Beckham, Wayne Rooney, John Terry and Frank Lampard brought England an international title.

With a controversial penalty call win over Denmark, England finally put themselves in a position to bring an international title home.

However, England lost to Italy during the penalty shootout, two goals to three, as Bukayo Saka’s penalty was saved by Gianluigi Donnarumma.

The "Azzurri" have been crowned multiple times internationally with four World Cup titles and two European Championships, the second being this year’s stellar win over England.

For Italy, the win allowed them to smash all the hype that was being geared towards England’s "impending" Euro 2020 win.

Most notably, they’ve played with England’s rallying cry of "It’s Coming Home" and had their little twist on it.

Achieving such a victory deserves a celebration, and Leonardo Bonucci definitely celebrated during the press conference.

22-year-old goalkeeper Donnarumma etched his name in Italy’s history books as he was named player of the tournament.

However, not everything turned out so well, most especially for England’s national players.

The defeat reared some English fans’ ugly heads as they hurled insults towards Saka for missing the penalty.

England national team manager Gareth Southgate selected the 19-year-old Arsenal player for the penalty and he missed it, but many also came to the youngster’s defense.

England’s wait for an international title will have to be delayed to another time as the Euro 2020 certainly belongs to Italy.