The World Health Organization (WHO) European Region has stated that Europe is falling behind in vaccination rates, warning that its death toll could surpass 2 million by this spring.

With nearly 4,200 COVID-related deaths happening in Europe per day, the virus has become the primary cause of death on the continent. 

“We’ve only got 54% of the ... people living in Europe fully vaccinated,” Robb Butler, WHO's executive director for Europe, told CNBC. “There are [around] 45% who are unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated. That’s a bigger issue for our policy and decision-makers right now — driving up vaccination rates.”

WHO regional director Dr. Hans Kluge said that getting vaccinated should be a priority for Europeans coming into what could be a grim winter. 

“In order to live with this virus and continue our daily lives, we need to take a ‘vaccine plus’ approach,” he said in a WHO press release Tuesday.

The vaccination rates in Europe differ vastly from nation to nation, as noted by Al Jazeera. Over 86% of the population is fully vaccinated in Portugal, compared to a mere 24.2% of Bulgarians.

Several countries recently applied restrictions in an attempt to limit infections, such as Germany, with health officials considering instituting a lockdown and implementing a vaccine mandate.