• Evander Holyfield explained why he was never scared of Mike Tyson
  • Holyfield was able to stop Tyson twice without knocking him out
  • Tyson said that Holyfield was the best fighter he ever faced

Boxing legend Evander Holyfield finally revealed why he was never intimidated by his former heavyweight rival Mike Tyson.

In Tyson’s wild boxing career, Holyfield was arguably the only opponent who frustrated “Iron Mike” like nobody else did. Unfortunately for Holyfield, he can’t really change the fact that he was recognizable to most boxing fans because Tyson bit his ear during their blockbuster rematch than what he has accomplished as a world champion. Nevertheless, Holyfield is still one of the best heavyweight fighters in history. But whether he hate it or love it, Tyson’s name will always be associated with his.

In a recent interview with Elie Seckbach of EsNews, “The Real Deal” once again addressed his true thoughts about his former nemesis. Tyson was famous for instilling fear towards most of his opponents but Holyfield evidently was not intimidated by “The Baddest Man on the Planet” at all. In fact, he even stopped the prime Tyson twice.

When asked why he was never scared of Tyson, the 57-year-old legend explained that there is no room for fear inside him as he believes greatness can only be achieved if fear doesn’t exists.

“I wasn’t afraid, I wasn’t afraid of nobody. You only be great if you don’t have that fear. And fear is not a feeling. It’s what you do. If you would punch me, I’m gonna punch you. I’ve got to get mine before you get yours,” Holyfield pointed out.

Holyfield wasn’t the first fighter to stop Tyson in his prime. Buster Douglas did KO’d Tyson and to the eyes of many, it was the toughest defeat of his career. However, Holyfield proved that Tyson can be stopped even without knocking him out cold. In both of their epic battles, Holyfield outboxed Tyson making him badly frustrated that he even decided to bit the legend’s ear.

Mike Tyson A young Mike Tyson inside the ring Photo: Getty Images/Focus On Sport

Despite the hype of their incredible rivalry, Tyson and Holyfield ended up being good friends after their boxing careers. In 2014, Tyson admitted in an exclusive interview with Ring Magazine that Holyfield was the best opponent he ever faced inside the ring.

According to Tyson, Holyfield was the only fighter to tag him with “terrific shots with bad intensions.” And ultimately, Holyfield was the best overall fighter he has ever fought.

“He threw terrific shots with both hands and with bad intentions. Great champion: chin, heart, determination, work ethic, demeanor,” Tyson said of Holyfield.