Who Are EZVIZ Smart Plugs For?

  • The EZVIZ T30-10A and T30-10B are both easy ways to add smart home features to just about any device
  • Both EZVIZ smart plugs can be controlled via a smartphone app
  • The EZVIZ T30-10B allows for real-time power consumption monitoring
The EZVIZ T30-10A and T30-10B are great choices for adding smart features to any home

Everything has smart home features these days, from light bulbs to air fryers. However, what about older devices that still work great, but were made before the smart home revolution? Simply use a smart plug from EZVIZ, including the T30-10A and T30-10B. These smart plugs can't grant total smart home access to devices, but can add some great smart features to make life a little easier.

Two Kinds Of Plugs

EZVIZ sent over two different models of smart plug to review, the T30-10A and the T30-10B. The plugs are almost identical when it comes to use, with the biggest difference being the shape of the plugs. The 10A uses a round shape while the 10B is more rectangular. Both the 10A and 10B are available in US and EU configurations.

The T30-10B fits other plugs perfectly, but does extend a little beyond outlets

As far as usage goes, the only difference between the 10A and 10B is that the 10B allows for power consumption tracking while the 10A does not. Other than that, the two plugs are identical in function.

Annoying Sizes

The EZVIZ smart plugs are easy to install and use, but they are kind of annoying. The 10B is fine enough, though it does stick out past outlets a little bit. The 10B can go just about anywhere as long as there are a few inches on either side of the outlet.

The T30-10A doesn't play nicely with other plugs

The 10A, however, is much more annoying. Because it uses a circular design, the 10A plug makes it virtually impossible to plug something else into the same outlet as the 10A, especially if it is a three-prong plug. This is true if the 10A is in the top or bottom outlet. It would have been great to see a device built specifically for plugging into an outlet to be more accommodating for other plugs.

Easy Use

Once the 10A or 10B are plugged into a wall outlet, getting the EZVIZ smart plugs up and running takes virtually no time at all. First up is downloading the EZVIZ app. Once installed on a smartphone, the app provides an easy walkthrough for pairing any of the EZVIZ products.

The T30-10A does work alongside two-pronged plugs

Making things even easier is the use of QR codes to easily pair devices to the app. The QR codes can be found both on the devices themselves and on the quick start booklet included in the box. Two identical QR codes may seem like a little too much, but if you get the plug into a hard to reach outlet, not having to reach all the way back over to scan a QR code is very satisfying.

In-Depth App

Once a device is paired through the EZVIZ app, it can be used immediately. For the T30-10A and T30-10B smart plugs, this usage is mostly powering devices on and off. I have an outlet that is hard to get to, and a lamp plugged into my T30-10B. Since the lamp is sitting in a corner and is surrounded by a table, using my phone to turn the light on and off has been wonderful.

While being able to turn things on and off with an app is helpful, the EZVIZ smart plugs offer much more than just that. The smart plugs can be set to timers or schedules, which is great for making coffee in the morning or having lights on when you get home from work. The plugs can also be controlled by voice-activated smart homes like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, and can be used along with IFTTT (or If This, Then That) to create other automated systems. The app can also be used to turn off a smart plug's indicator light if it is too bright.

A look at my T30-10B's power consumption recently

As previously mentioned, the 10B plug allows for power monitoring. If you are curious to see how much power a device uses, or want to keep track of usage over time, the 10B plug makes it very easy to do so. The EZVIZ app shows the current power being used with the smart plug, how long the smart plug has been in use for the day, and how much power overall has been used for the day. An additional statistics page shows the usage rates broken down by hour, day and month.

The app allows for sharing ownership of devices, which means two or more different people can use their respective smartphones to control the EZVIZ smart plugs. In the event of a power outage, the plugs will remember all pre-set schedules and timers without needing to be reset.

Final Thoughts

The EZVIZ T30-10B is a simple and easy way to add smart features to any device that needs to be plugged in. The EZVIZ app also makes it simple to create timers and schedules for turning devices on and off, and Alexa/Google Home integration makes voice controls a breeze.

The fact that the EZVIZ T30-10A, the circular plug, is shaped in a way that blocks other plugs from going into the outlet is a glaring oversight in design. I would include it in the praise for the 10B, but when faced with a choice between the 10A and 10B, the decision should be an easy one based on product shape alone.

Both EZVIZ plugs are currently available at Walmart and other retailers such as B&H. The T30-10A is available for $14.99, while the T30-10B is available for $19.99.