Who Are Nooie Smart LED Light Bulbs For?

  • Nooie smart LED light bulbs are an incredibly easy way to customize your space by adding virtually any color of light you would like
  • The smart bulbs have added features like a schedule and alarm
  • The Nooie app and smart home integration make controlling the Nooie smart bulbs a breeze
Nooie smart LED light bulbs can quickly add a splash of color to your life

Everything is "smart" these days, from phones to TVs and even refrigerators. Smart light bulbs have been available for a few years now, offering a number of features including the ability to turn lights on and off with a phone or home assistant like Amazon Alexa. How does the Nooie smart LED light bulb stack up? In short, very well.

Easy Set-Up

Setting up the Nooie smart LED light bulb is just about as easy as setting up a traditional light bulb. For the most part, all you have to do is screw the Nooie bulb into a lamp socket. From here, the Nooie smart bulb is ready to be used like any normal light bulb. It can be turned on and off with a wall switch or switch on a lamp, and uses a neutral, natural light color.

The Nooie bulbs are a little heavy, especially compared to a traditional light bulb

Of course, the fun really starts once the Nooie app has been installed onto a smartphone or tablet.

It's All In The App

Once the free Nooie app has been installed, the smart LED light bulbs become a playground of colors. Each light bulb needs to be linked to the app individually, which did lead to some minor confusion when I tried to set up three bulbs at once. However, my issues were quickly sorted out once I became more familiar with the app.

The app allows users to name individual Nooie smart bulbs, which is great if a lamp allows for multiple light bulbs to be plugged in. For example, my lamp allows for three bulbs, and each one is separate from the others. To help with my organization, I named my bulbs "Tall," "Medium" and "Short." With this set-up, I can now easily control each bulb individually if I want to adjust brightness, color, or to completely turn the bulbs off and on independently from the wall switch.

The Nooie app's color selection mode

The Nooie app also makes it easy to change around the colors of the Nooie smart LED light bulbs. To change colors, all you need to do is open up the color wheel and pick which color you would like. The bulb updates almost instantly, so it's easy to make adjustments if the color isn't exactly right.

The Nooie app has two areas for picking colors, with one offering more natural and traditional hues and the other allowing for around 16 million color options. While the color mode is freeform, the natural light mode only has one slider for customization which ranges from a warm, incandescent look, to a more traditional LED option.

There aren't as many options for neutral colors

The color mode for the Nooie app has three pre-set colors to pick from at the top of the screen, but these colors can't be changed or replaced. There are also pre-set themes to pick from, but picking one only changes the bulb to a pre-set color. Setting multiple lights up with the same theme simply means all bulbs are the same color instead of a fun blend of colors that represent the theme. The one exception is the "Floating" theme, which is the only one that actively changes the bulb color to give an animated appearance.

Themes can be created, but this is really just a way to save a favorite color. I created my own theme, but it can't be shared across bulbs so it is difficult to recreate. It would be nice to have some more control over the bulbs through the app, so hopefully there will be extra features added in future updates.

Extra Features

Along with changing light colors, the Nooie app has a few additional features. One is the ability to schedule the smart bulbs. This is a great way to have all the lights on in your home when returning from work or something similar without having to keep the lights on all day. This could also be used as a way to make your home look occupied while you are away for extended periods of time.

Nooie smart bulbs can look like standard bulbs as well

Additionally, the Nooie smart bulbs can be used as an alarm. The bulbs can be scheduled to slowly turn on to simulate the sun rising, and can even be scheduled to turn off at a specific time after the alarm has gone off. Alternatively, the bulbs can be used in reverse and will slowly turn off by a set time if you want to ease into your night.

The Nooie bulbs and app can also be linked to smart home assistants like Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Linking the devices together allows users to control the Nooie bulbs with voice commands.

Final Thoughts

Nooie's smart LED light bulbs are a very easy way to add some color to your home. The bulbs can be set up in seconds and linked to the Nooie app with relative ease. Once linked, the bulbs can display virtually any color imaginable along with more neutral tones.

The only minor complaints I have with the Nooie bulbs all lie with the app. I wish I could have a little more control over the app, especially with controlling the pre-set options. However, these features could be added in the future with app updates.

Overall, if you are looking for new smart bulbs, look no further than the Nooie Smart LED light bulbs.