A glance in the history of Formula One (F1) history gives away the significance of Michael Schumacher in the sport. His array of records and milestones not only inspire other racers but also make them envy Schumacher's stature. 

The current reigning champion, Lewis Hamilton, has begun to chase a few records of Schumacher that once everyone thought were unreachable. The Brit, who has nine wins from 16 races, is already well ahead in the title race with 322 points, 73 points clear of the second-placed racer and his Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas.

The five-time World Champion has already pipped Schumacher to win more pole positions despite starting fewer races. Schumacher with 308 entries in F1 races had clinched 68 pole positions, while Hamilton already won 87 pole positions in just 245 races. 

Here are the Schumacher's five prestigious records Hamilton could equal or break soon in the future:

Most drivers' world championships

Schumacher - 7 | Hamilton - 5

Hamilton, who claimed his maiden drivers' title back in 2008, has triumphed in four out of the last five seasons. He is now leveled with Argentinian racer Juan Manuel Fangio, whose record of five titles stood tall for as long as 46 years before Schumacher destroyed it. 

Hamilton's contract with Mercedes is expected to expire at the end of next season. If the Brit man does not screw up in the remainder of the current season and replicate his dominance in 2020 as well, he could well match Schumacher's record of seven world titles. 

Most Grand Prix wins

Schumacher - 91 | Hamilton - 82

Schumacher's final and 92nd Grand Prix victory came in 2006 and that win in China GP had put him 40 clear of the next best -French great Allan Prost - and the record was expected to be intact for years to come. However, Hamilton has won over 50 percent of all the races since 2014 and he if continues to perform well in the next two years, he can surely break his glorious record. 

Most wins at the same Grand Prix

Schumacher - 8 | Hamilton - 7

The German great won eight French GPs in his career and the record is in serious danger as Hamilton has already managed to win seven races each in both Canada and Hungary.

Grand Prix 'hat-tricks'

Schumacher - 22 | Hamilton - 14

This particular record is going to be a tough one to crack for Hamilton. Schumacher managed an unbelievable number of "hat-tricks" during his career – a win, pole position and fastest lap in 22 GPs. If Hamilton aims to touch the record, he will need to have a series of superb weekends in the next couple of years. 

Grand Prix podiums

Schumacher - 155 | Hamilton - 146

Ever since Hamilton began to race in F1, he has made it to the podium in more than 60 percent of the races so far and if he continues to do so, he can definitely break Schumacher's record

Hamilton will next be in action in the Japanese Grand Prix scheduled for the coming weekend.