It was one of the wildest college football games in quite some time.

Arizona, who went into the game with just a 1-5 record despite some impressive performances, handed UCLA a humiliating 48-12 loss, on Thursday night, at Arizona Stadium.

It was a nationally televised game on ESPN, and it exposed the struggles of a UCLA squad that has failed to live up to the expectations under head coach Rick Neuheisel.

Arizona was up by a whopping score of 42-7 with four seconds left in the first half when things got very weird.

A streaker, dressed as a referee, blew a play dead then ran to the middle of the field and ripped his clothes off. Security was quick to catch up to the streaker, and a tackled him to the ground, and the handcuffed him.

Was it worth it for the streaker? Jace Lankow, 22, could face a maximum 18-month jail sentence.

According to The Seattle Times, Lankow told police he did his streak because he wanted to be a contestant on the ABC television game show Wipeout.

What transpired immediately after the streak wasn't pleasant either. UCLA and Arizona players started trash talking and then it escalated into a brawl. Sidelines were cleared and Arizona's Shaquille Richardson and UCLA's Taylor Embree were ejected.

The Pac 12 decided to come down hard on the players this weekend.

UCLA had six players receive suspensions: Randall Carroll, Shaquelle Evans, Ricky Marvay, and Embree missing one game, with Cassius Marsh sitting out two games, and Albert Cid missing a half game. Arizona suspended four players: Richardson and Jourdon Grandon will sit out one game, while Mark Watley and Lyle Brown will miss a half game.

Here are the clips of the brawl and streaking: