-- Over at the New York Times, Samir Naji al Hasan Moqbel, a Gitmo detainee, has become an op-ed contributor, penning a missive through a phone call to his lawyers. In his article, Moqbel talks about his hunger strike and being force-fed.

"The only reason I am here is that President Obama refuses to send any detainees back to Yemen. This makes no sense. I am a human being, not a passport, and I deserve to be treated like one," Moqbel wrote.

-- On his death bed, former Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez picked Nicolas Maduro as his heir apparent, and just by the hair of his chinny chin chin, Maduro won the presidential election Sunday with 50.7 percent of the votes to 49.1. His rival, Henrique Capriles, is demanding a recount.

"Mr. Maduro, if you were illegitimate before, now you are even more loaded with illegitimacy," Capriles said.

-- Twitter this morning is still all about the public shaming of the national media for its none-to-little coverage on Pennsylvania abortionist Kermit Gosell, who has been charged with "killing babies and neglecting women in his care."

Several theories exist as to why the media missed the boat.