Just a few weeks after being released from prison, Floyd Mayweather could be going back to jail.

The boxer was recently involved in an alleged verbal altercation with a woman in Las Vegas. On Sept. 9, a woman called the police, explaining that she got into an argument with Mayweather near her house. She claimed that he also stole one of her possessions, though it was eventually returned.

Police haven’t released the identity of the woman, but the address where the altercation took place is owned by Melissa Brim, the mother of Mayweather’s child. He pled guilty to domestic battery charges involving Brim in 2002.

If Mayweather is found to have done any wrongdoing in this case, he could be headed back to prison. It would be a violation of his parole, for which he is serving, after spending two months in jail. He was incarcerated for allegedly grabbing and throwing his ex-girlfriend in front of their children.

Mayweather is currently under supervised and probationary release for one year. His prior sentence was originally six months and he could be forced to finish it if he’s found guilty of a new crime.

This news comes in the wake of the boxer being forced to give Manny Pacquiao $114,000. Mayweather was ordered to pay Pacquiao, as part of a defamation lawsuit. Pacquiao sued Mayweather for claiming that he used performance-enhancing drugs.