Floyd Mayweather Andre Berto
Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Andre Berto pose during their official weigh-in at MGM Grand Garden Arena on Sept. 11, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Getty

Floyd Mayweather, arguably the best boxer of his generation, defeated Andre Berto on Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for what he says was the last fight of his career. Las Vegas oddsmakers expected the undefeated welterweight to dominate against the heavy underdog and Mayweather didn't disappoint.

Mayweather (49-0; 26 by KO) defended his WBC and WBA welterweight titles against Berto (33-4; 23 by KO), in clinical fashion, winning convincingly on all three judges' scorecards

After the fight, Mayweather confirmed he was retiring from boxing. The Michigan native was rarely tested on Saturday and was rarely tested in his career. Nearly all of his opponents failed to win on a judge's scorecard over a professional career that spanned almost 20 years.

Berto attempted to brawl with Mayweather during stretches but found himself consistently outsmarted and overmatched by the veteran defensive specialist.

On the undercard, Roman “Rocky” Martinez and Orlando Salido fought to a draw in a rematch for the WBO super featherweight title. Badou Jack defeated George Groves for the WBC super middleweight championship. Meanwhile, junior lightweight Jonathan Oquendo beat Jhonny Gonzalez in a 10-round bout.

Here is how IB Times scored the Mayweather-Berto fight:

Round 1

Berto not active in the opening round, as he didn’t land any meaningful shots on Mayweather. Mayweather was in control, and landed a big left hook towards the end of the round.

Mayweather 10-9

Round 2

Berto still can’t land anything on Mayweather, who has been elusive thus far. Berto couldn’t take advantage when Mayweather was against the ropes, and the undefeated boxer has been effective with the jab.

Mayweather 10-9

Round 3

Mayweather landed a few clean shots at the start of the round, and continued to elude Berto’s punches. Mayweather stumbled with about a minute left as he looked to avoid Berto, but it wasn’t ruled a knockdown.

Mayweather 10-9

Round 4

Berto was very aggressive to start the round and landed his cleanest body shot of the night. But it wasn’t enough to win the round, as Mayweather landed a clean shot to the head, among others.

Mayweather 10-9

Round 5

Mayweather remains in control, continuously hitting Berto with jabs. Berto still trying to trap Mayweather against the ropes, but unable to do so. Berto was warned against delivering a low blow about halfway through the round.

Mayweather 10-9

Round 6

Berto started the round with his best punch of fight, but Mayweather came back at him with a series of body shots. More jabs to the body continues Mayweather’s dominance. It was Mayweather’s most aggressive round, as he came out strong after taking a jab to the face.

Mayweather 10-9

Round 7

Berto continued to miss with his jabs in the first two minutes, though he landed a few shots to the head in the final minute. The boxers exchanged blows in the final 10 seconds, but Mayweather landed more punches throughout.

Mayweather 10-9

Round 8

With another strong round, Mayweather began to showboat with about a minute left. He continues to be effective with his left hand, and a few shots to the head in the beginning of the round seemed to shake up Berto.

Mayweather 10-9

Round 9

An interesting finish, as the two boxers began to jaw at each other and trade blows to end the round. It was a close round, but Mayweather was more effective with his body shots, as he continues to roll.

Mayweather 10-9

Round 10

The ref called timeout with 1:43 left, asking the boxers to “stop the chatter.” In between all the trash talking, Berto continued to miss with his punches. But he was more active, and might have stole the round.

Berto 10-9

Round 11

Mayweather continues to showboat, as he dodges punches and lands combinations, getting the crowd on its feet. Berto’s going to need a knockout to pull off the upset.

Mayweather 10-9

Round 12

Mayweather going for the knockout in the final minute, but Berto remained upright. With a few more shots to the body, Mayweather closes out the fight with an easy win.

Mayweather 10-9

Our Final Score

Mayweather wins on our scorecard, 119-109

Final Result

Mayweather wins in a unanimous decision: 117-111, 118-110, 120-108