A former Miami Dolphins insider made it to this year’s Sports Illustrated SwimSearch Sweet 17.

World-famous Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition admitted that they had a hardtime narrowing down the list of their prestigious SI SwimSearch Sweet 17. One of the most notable women on the list is 43-year-old Katina Taylor, a former Miami Dolphins inside reporter.

In her exclusive profiling interview with SI, Taylor shared how she got into modeling and broadcasting. According to Taylor, she started her modeling career at Amarillo, Texas and she was accompanied by her supportive mom.

“I started modeling in 5th grade in Amarillo, Texas, with Diane Dick Modeling and Talent Agency. My mom drove me an hour to the big city of Amarillo, Texas, to take modeling lessons weekly which then turned into modeling jobs,” Taylor recalled.

Taylor stated that from ages 10-17, her modeling gigs were consisted of print, commercials and runway. At that point in time, the young Taylor admitted that at 5’8”, she felt like she’s “a bit short” for a model.

“I attended the International Modeling and Talent Association in New York City at 17 to have exposure to top agencies, but at 5’8” I was a bit short. At 17, I was an Elite Look of the Year Finalist and told I had a good commercial look,” Taylot recalled.

Taylor continued her modeling career and moved to Los Angeles, California, at 18. After moving, she appeared in a few commercials and became an extra in “90210”, “Murder She Wrote”, “Baywatch” and “Baywatch Nights.”

When Taylor finished school, she entered broadcasting in Miami where she covered the Miami Dolphins and was handed her own segment called “Katina’s Corner.”

“After college, I worked in broadcast for WFOR-CBS4 in Miami doing weekly feature stories on the Miami Dolphins and their families on a segment called, ‘Katina’s Corner’,” Taylor said.

Despite having three kids, Taylor managed to get her passion for modeling and acting back. In fact, she is even thrilled to represent women in their 40’s in this year’s SI SwimSearch.

“After three babies, I picked back up my love for acting and modeling in my 40s. Most recently, I’ve done national commercials for Beaches Resorts and Celebrity Cruise Lines,” Taylor admitted.

“It’s exciting to represent women in their 40s in this year’s #SISwimSearch. We have lived and we have learned. We have wisdom to share and that is beautiful. Loving ourselves and who we are as human beings is where confidence and true beauty resides at all ages,” Taylor pointed.

Katina Taylor SISwim Search Sweet 17
Katina Taylor makes it to Sports Illustrated SwimSearch Sweet 17. SI SwimSearch Sweet 17