A Colorado woman with a seemingly terminal illness got a new lease on life earlier in December, as a man she had never met offered to donate organ tissue to her because of a message he saw on Facebook. Melinda Ray, 35, needed a new liver to survive a genetic disease, but had trouble finding transplant candidates until her social media message reached a former Navy SEAL, ABC News reported.

Ray’s liver was being “rapidly” destroyed by her condition, which increased her desperation to find a suitable donor. When traditional means of finding candidates did not work out, the wife and mother of three took to Facebook. Her message propagated through mutual friends until it reached Jeff Bramstedt, 47, of San Diego, California.

Bramstedt is a former Navy SEAL who currently works as a skydiving instructor and stuntman. He also has a wife and three children. When he heard about Ray’s problem through his wife, he said he would do it without any hesitation, according to ABC News. He had to travel halfway across the country and was told there were considerable risks inherent to the procedure, but it apparently did not faze him.

"I think I probably considered it for all of half a second before I said, 'I’m up let’s do this,'" Bramstedt said.

The procedure was successful, as Bramstedt was able to donate 60 percent of his liver to Ray. Bramstedt will be fine, as the liver can regenerate itself, though he will have to wait a while before he can skydive again. Bramstedt felt it was worth it, as Ray’s prognosis is now significantly more positive.

"She gets extended years, she gets to raise her kids, to be the mother that she's always wanted to be and live out life with her husband,” Bramstedt said.

He also said it felt like he generated a familial bond with Ray, with whom he now shares DNA. The two families maintained contact after the procedure, with Ray’s children sending holiday cards to Bramstedt.