• Bosnich feels a change in goalkeeping is happening soon at Old Trafford
  • Henderson long-term deal is part of Red Devils' long term plans
  • David De Gea spot in jeopardy unless he plays better

Dean Henderson recently signed a long-term deal, a move that has gotten a lot of critics thinking. Considering David De Gea had a questionable last season, some feel that a change in goalkeeping is coming soon. One person who believes this is happening is former Manchester United goalkeeper Mark Bosnich.

Bosnich spent two seasons as shot-stopper for the Red Devils and recently weighed in on the long-term deal that Henderson got via Sky Sports. As far as he is concerned, that contract is part of United's long-term plans although he remains reserved on when the big switch will happen.

"The fact that he’s signed such a long-term deal, he’s obviously part of their long-term plans," Bosnich said. "Whether or not it’ll be at the start of the season, I think at some time during next season – unless De Gea starts off and he’s doing absolutely fantastic – I do believe that Dean Henderson will take over."

Like most, Bosnich has been keeping tabs of De Gea's performance last season. He agrees that the current no. 1 goalkeeper has not been performing up to par. In his eyes, if this keeps up, it may only be a matter of time before Henderson takes over.

"The only thing that will stop that is De Gea performing out of his skin if he starts again – and that’s only good for the club either way," Bosnich added.

Though Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has maintained that De Gea is his guy, the long-term signing does raise a lot of questions. Henderson has been doing fine with Sheffield United and a logical move was to send him there again on loan.

If not, there were several teams ready to take him in. That includes Chelsea FC which is looking for a reliable goalkeeper. Kepa Arrizabalaga and Willy Caballero are there but Frank Lampard is far from content with the performance of his shot-stoppers.

Regardless, Henderson appears to be happy with the new deal and is ready to show he deserves the deal he got. Along with that is learning from De Gea, the same player who may eventually end up replacing if the 29-year-old goalkeeper's performance continues to be below par.

Dean Henderson of Sheffield United
Dean Henderson of Sheffield United Getty Images | Dan Istitene