Most know that wrestling entertainment is normally scripted although the hazards are real. The injuries and risks associated with doing wrestling moves are real, something that has been often reiterated in shows. Unfortunately for former World Championship Wrestling (WCW) wrestler Silver King, his recent appearance in a London show resulted in an untimely death.

King, also known as Cesar Barron in real life, passed away Saturday night in the ring while acting out his role as an in-ring villain in London at the Greatest Show of Lucha Libre in London, TMZ Sports reported. According to authorities, King suffered a heart attack, eventually collapsing and dying.

Based on footage of the match, King was knocked down three times and appeared to look dazed at one point during his match against Warrior Youth. With most aware of the acting that comes with it, the whole thing seemed normal at first. He eventually took a kick to the chest and that sequence is believed to be the reason behind an unforeseen heart attack.

Per the script, King was meant to win the match. He was not counted out and his opponent eventually turned him over and tried to make it appear that he was being pinned by the 51-year-old to end the match. King remained unresponsive and the referee eventually took off his mask when he figured something was off.

His name may not ring a bell to the wrestling fanatics although he did get the chance to appear on the big screen. He took on the villain role of Ramses on Nacho Libre in 2005, starring opposite main star Jack Black, BBC reported.

Most people who knew King eventually sent out their condolences to the family. That includes Eric Bischoff, former WCW president.

"Like so many of the great Luchadores that helped Americans appreciate Lucha Libre and make Nitro [a WCW flagship show] the success it was, he will be missed," he said.

The WWE, a promotion King never really had the chance to perform for, also issued a statement on the untimely passing of Barron.

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