Beaver teeth are seven million year old
An artistic reconstruction of beaver (Castorcauda lustrasimilis) shows a creature diving into water that looked like a beaver, right down to its flat paddle-like tail and webbed feet and lived 164 million years ago alongside dinosaurs. A new fossil was found at the BLM land and a pair of teeth has been recovered that officials say is more than seven million year old. Reuters

The Bureau of Land Management has confirmed finding a pair of teeth on the BLM land in northeast Oregon, which are more than seven million years old.

The Bureau said that the fossil found by the employees on the federal land represents the earliest record of living beavers in North America and its pair of teeth come from the Rattlesnake formation and are nearly seven to 7.3 million years old, according to AP report.

It says that the earliest beavers were initially found 10 to 12 million years ago in Germany. Beavers are spread across Asia, mostly near North America.

The previous records of living beavers in North America shows that they were from Nebraska,California and northern Oregon, around five million years ago.