President Emmanuel Macron led the first round of France’s presidential election, according to exit polls Sunday.

Macron won the first round with 28.2% of the vote, ahead of far right-wing Marine Le Pen with 23%, while far-left Jean-Luc Melenchon finished third with 21.6%, according to polling firm Elabe.

“Make no mistake, nothing can be taken for granted,” Macron said on Sunday. “The debate that we will have during the next 15 days will be decisive for our country and for Europe.”

French voters will choose between Macron and Le Pen on April 24. In 2017, Macron defeated Le Pen, 66% to 34%.

The top issues are high inflation and immigration. There is also the looming threat and the challenges of a fractured European Union.

Le Pen had pledged to “put France in order.” She has faced criticism for her close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Should Le Pen defeat Macron, there are fears of increased instability in Europe amid the war in Ukraine.

Both liberals and conservatives oppose Le Pen. Melenchon warned his voters to “not cast a single vote for Madame Le Pen.” Conservative candidate Valerie Pecresse warned that "chaos" would ensue if Le Pen wins.