French President Emmanuel Macron was hit by an egg while attending the International Catering, Hotel, and Food Trade Fair (SIRHA) in the city of Lyon on Monday. 

A man, described to be in his 20s, threw the egg and shouted, “Vive la révolution,” Lyon Mag reported.

The egg came flying from a crowd and directly hit Macron, 43, near his head. It then bounced to the ground and shattered.

Macron asked his team to interview the man. "If he has something to tell me, let him come," Macron said during the altercation. "I'll go see him afterwards." 

Bloomberg reports the egg thrower is a "far-left activist" who has since been placed in custody.

This isn't the first time Macron has been publicly pelted with an egg. In 2017, when Macron was a candidate for the presidency, an egg was thrown at his head and exploded on him at the national agriculture fair in Paris. 

Another instance of protest against the French President was in June when a man slapped him across the face while he was shaking hands with people in Valence.  

The French President's attendance at the fair was a positive experience to start. He announced that tips paid by credit card for restaurant and hotel workers would no longer be taxed and was thanked for providing aid to businesses during the pandemic.