Francis Ngannou, UFC
Former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou. Bet365/Twitter


  • Francis Ngannou will compete in PFL's "Super Fight Divsion" some time in 2024
  • He will also be part of the PFL Global Advisory Board to serve as an advocate for the fighters
  • Ngannou's deal features roles as equity owner and chairman of PFL Africa

The free-agency saga of Francis Ngannou has reached its end as the heavyweight mixed martial arts (MMA) star decided to join the Professional Fighters League (PFL).

Ngannou will compete under the PFL banner as part of the "Super Fight Division," which also features names such as Jake Paul and women's star Kayla Harrison.

For those not yet in the know regarding PFL's Super Fight Division, athletes competing in big events under this group will receive 50% of the revenue from pay-per-view bouts–the only promotion in the world to do so.

There is no specific date yet as to when Ngannou's debut will take place just yet, but the current expectation is that it will take place in mid-2024 "against a major global MMA star-fighter to be chosen in the future."

Ngannou choosing to leave the UFC earlier in the year, despite being in contract negotiations with them, was a decision met by skepticism by the fans since many were convinced that he was tainting his legacy and even being too selfish by not lowering his demands.

Those demands from the UFC feature him asking for health insurance, sponsorships per individual athlete being allowed in some capacity, and a fighter advocate to be present during contract negotiations.

PFL decided to grant part of Ngannou's wishes by also naming him in a leadership role to the PFL Global Advisory Board. This makes him the first active fighter to be on the board and be the fighters' link to the company's upper management.

Furthermore, "The Predator" will serve as an equity owner of and chairman of PFL Africa in order to help shine the spotlight on the continent's best fighters while also having an alternative pathway to compete in the PFL Global season.

"I am very excited for this game-changing partnership with the Professional Fighters League to continue my MMA fighting career in the PFL's PPV Super Fight Division. I believe in the PFL's 'fighter first' culture and global vision including developing the sport in Africa," Ngannou said according to the press release.

"With that, I am also proud to announce that I will serve as chairman of PFL Africa, which will be the leading MMA organization on the continent providing great African fighters the opportunity to compete on a global platform."

Aside from PFL, it is worth noting that Ngannou's free agency adventure also featured him confirming rumors that he was having talks with officials from ONE Championship in March.

One of the biggest knockout artists in MMA today, fans will be eagerly anticipating Ngannou's debut and who his opponent will be.

Francis Ngannou, PFL
Heavyweight MMA star Francis Ngannou (right) and Professional Fighters League CEO Peter Murray (left) during Ngannou's signing to the PFL. PFL Press Release