Hall of Fame boxing trainer Freddie Roach has shared his two cents on how Georges St-Pierre could beat UFC Lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Roach stepped into uncharted territory of combat this weekend after taking part in UFC superstar St-Pierre’s training camp. St-Pierre apparently hopes that Roach’s trademark pugilistic coaching abilities, which worked on Filipino legend Manny Pacquiao with great success, can be carried all the way to the octagon.

During a brief talk with Little Giant Boxing, the 57-year-old trainer shared his thoughts about the highly anticipated blockbuster UFC fight between St-Pierre and Nurmagomedov.

According to Roach, the fight is good for both “GSP” and Nurmagomedov and he would really like to be a part of such a historic moment in the history of combat sports.

“I would love that fight. I feel it’s a big money fight. It’s good for both guys,” Roach said.

“George has been a consistent world champion and multi-weight champion. I love to be part of that,” Roach continued.

Georges St-Pierre Johny Hendricks UFC 167 Georges St-Pierre, right, defended his UFC welterweight crown with a split decision over Johny Hendricks on Saturday night. Photo: Reuters

When asked about how he and St-Pierre would beat the undefeated UFC champ, Roach revealed that he would like St-Pierre to “hurt Nurmagomedov” with his boxing before taking him down and finish the Russian ground and pounder via submission.

“Give it all you know. They are both very good at taking people down but I do think that GSP’s boxing ability is much better,” Roach noted.

“Once he(St-Pierre) hurts the guy (Nurmagomedov) in the boxing and once he gets him to his back, the fight will be over,” Roach predicted.

Roach has played a significant involvement in the preparations of the then returning UFC superstar for his fight against former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping at UFC 217. And Now that St-Pierre is being linked to Nurmagomedov, the MMA icon is grateful to have a legendary trainer like Roach in his camp, USA Today reported.

“Having him this whole camp is like a fighter’s fantasy,” St-Pierre said about Roach ahead of Saturday’s main event at New York’s Madison Square Garden.

Roach on his part, addressed the issues revolving around his participation in MMA. According to him, MMA and boxing are both the kind of sports where he can help someone get better.

“I know a lot of boxers want me to hate (mixed martial arts) because they see it as a competitor, but I don’t. But they are both sports I can help someone get better at and if I can do that in life I am happy to do it,” Roach explained.

Freddie Roach Manny Pacquiao Manny Pacquiao, shown with Freddie Roach, has won his last three fights by unanimous decision. Photo: Reuters