• Sofia Kenin won her semi-finals match against Petra Kvitova in straight sets
  • Kenin said she is focused on winning the French Open title
  • The Roland Garros final will see Kenin going up against Iga Swiatek

American Sofia Kenin is through to the final of the 2020 Roland Garros after she defeated Petra Kvitova in straight sets.

After the match, Kenin mentioned that there’s nothing else in her mind but coming out as this year’s French Open winner.

"Winning, definitely," Kenin said when asked what she loves about tennis, ESPN reported.

It was a 6-4, 7-5 victory for the 2020 Australian Open winner as she proved to be the better player over Kvitova. Despite facing against a more experienced two-time Wimbledon champion, Kenin maintained her confidence across the entire match.  

"She deserved to win for sure today," said Kvitova, who was in top physical condition across the entire tournament.

"She was just better," she added.

Losing is not an option for Kenin in the upcoming final against Poland’s Iga Swiatek. They both played against each other during their days in the juniors tour, but Kenin pointed out that they’re different players now.

Kenin has already become one of the top players in the game as she’s ranked sixth in the world.

"I feel like after Australia, people started to know me. I felt a little bit more pressure from the outside. Keeping this level and playing some great tennis now is really special. Yeah, I feel like people are looking up to me. Definitely, I’m sure, and I hope that all my fans back in the US are on their chairs screaming loud for me and rooting for me," Kenin told reporters after her semi-final match.

Expectations are high for Kenin, and she said that she’s looking to maintain her high level of performance. She’s not planning to stop anytime soon as she shared that she wants to keep the respect she’s gained from people back home.

"Yeah, I feel like people definitely respect me and I’m happy. It’s not easy to get respect and it’s really easy to lose it and like I said, people respect me, and I’m going to keep it that way," Kenin emphasized.  

Kenin and Swiatek will face off for the French Open title this Saturday.