Friday the 13th
Many believe Friday the 13th is the unluckiest day of the year. There are many superstitions and myths surrounding the day. Reuters/Ali Jarekji

Considered as one of the unluckiest days in the Western superstition, Friday the 13th is here again. This day comes at least once a year and up to three times at the most.

Number 13 is believed to be unlucky since ages. To describe the condition caused by the fear of this day, Dr. Donald E. Dossey, an American psychotherapist, from the Stress Management Center-Phobia Institute in Ashville, North Carolina, came up with a term — "paraskevidekatriaphobia."

The institute's website claims the condition bedevils “people with blind, unreasoning fear of this day and date, as opposed to those who have a clear, reasonable fear of not being able to say that word."

Well, there’s a lot more to this day than getting scared of every little thing that comes your way. If you like spending the day at home, the best thing to do would be to catch up a few movies. And for those who love watching horror films, there could be no better day than this.

Here’s your one-stop guide to the 10 best horror movies. Grab a bucket of popcorn and some chips as you sit down to watch these at home:

  • The Human Centipede

Released on April 30, 2010, the film talks about a German surgeon who kidnaps three tourists and conducts a horrific experiment in which he joins them surgically from mouth to anus, thus forming a human centipede. Directed by Tom Six, this film is worth watching!

  • The Cabin in the Woods

Directed by Drew Goddard, this film is about five college students, who arrive at a remote forest cabin for a small vacation and one of them falls prey to zombies.

  • The Ring

A young journalist named Rachel investigates a case in which a mysterious videotape kills its viewers within a week's time after watching it. The supernatural psychological horror film also has a sequel to it.

  • Rosemary’s Baby

A young pregnant woman named Rosemary believes her unborn baby does not belong to this world. Strange things begin to happen when she and her husband shift to a new house. Rosemary tries to discuss the events with her husband, but he dismisses them off. It's only when her child is born, she discovers that her husband is not the real father of her child. Instead, her baby is the son of the devil himself.

  • The Evil Dead

When protagonist Ashley Williams goes hiking with his girlfriend and three friends, they come across an old book called Necronomicon — the text of which awakens the dead when it is read aloud. The film shows people getting possessed and these friends must fight for their lives or become evil dead.

  • The Exorcist

One of the best films in the horror industry, the movie is about a woman who notices a sudden physical and behavioral change in her 12-year-old daughter and how she deals with it.

  • The Shining

This horror flick focuses on a man named Jack, who, along with his family, moves to an isolated hotel that has a violent past. Things take an ugly turn when Jack loses his sanity, thus taking a toll on his family.

  • A Nightmare on the Elm Street

Directed by Samuel Bayer, this film is about a young girl who discovers that she needs to stay awake the entire night at any cost in order to avoid a psychotic killer, who is murdering all her friends one by one in their dreams.

  • Train to Busan

If you are one of those people who love to watch zombie movies, this one may give you goosebumps. Set up in South Korea, this film talks about a train that is meant to travel to the city of Busan. Some of the passengers get infected and turn into zombies, thus wreaking havoc.

  • Gerald’s Game

Directed by Mike Flanagan, this movie tells the story of a young couple who go to an isolated house to spend some time together and spice up their marriage. However, during a kinky game, the woman accidentally kills her husband. Handcuffed to a bed and no one to help, the woman starts seeing spooky visions and hearing voices.