Kerri Sackville had something in mind when she bought a $15 unicorn-themed bath bomb recipe at Kmart, to have fun. But all her excitement literally drowned down the pipe when she discovered that her bathroom became green along with her 11-year-old daughter.

According to, the Australian mother had been shopping at Kmart with her daughter when they stumbled upon a bath bomb kit that's suitable for children. Sackville said it would "be perfect holiday fun."

After returning home, Sackville prepped the themed bath bomb recipe as her 11-year-old daughter was excitedly waiting for her bath. What ensued after was a warning of things to come. All of the things that she used for the preparation had a green stain that was difficult to remove.

Nonetheless, Sackville, who's eager not to disappoint her daughter, continued to use the bath bomb, and not long, things have gotten worse. Kerri heard her daughter call her from the bathroom and as soon she opened the door, she nearly "choked on her tongue."

The Aussie mom saw her daughter become emerald green, "Look, mum! I'mI'm an alien!" exclaimed her flabbergasted child. Sackville said that her girl "stood in the bath... laughing hysterically."

Kerri Sackville's daughter after the bath bomb
Kerri Sackville's 11-year-old daughter after the bath bomb snafu. Photo: Australia/Kerri Sackville

Not only was her child green, so too was everything around her, the tub, the walls, the sink, everything turned green. Kerri described the ordeal as though the Hulk had set down in their bathroom and literally ''melted.''

The mom was able to clean the bathroom, though, but glints of emerald remain in the floor grout. A spokesperson for Kmart said that they were not aware of any issues with the make-your-own-bath-bomb kit.

The company added that they encourage customers who have a similar experience to get in touch with their customer care service. Kmart said that "at Kmart Australia, we are committed to the quality and safety of all of our products."

For mothers like Kerri, ensuring child safety is the number one priority. Luckily the hassle didn't end up in a much more worse scenario.