The GMB has voted to join a national strike over pensions to be held later this month.

The Nov. 30 walkout has been planned in protest against public sector pension reforms. A total of 33 percent of GMB members met and voted in favour of the strike by more than 4-1.

It is now clear that millions of workers will be protesting on 30 November at the government's attack on jobs and pensions,” GMB National Secretary Brian Strutton said.

Although the union has voted to join the strike, Strutton said there was still time for the government to negotiate and settle the issue of public sector pensions.

Strutton added: “The government has already accepted that the original proposals were unfair and wrong. It is not too late for the government to pull back from this confrontation and scrap this attack on pensions.”

The GMB is one of the UK’s largest unions with more than 600,000 members, including NHS and local government workers from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

UCATT, the union of construction workers, also voted recently to join the strike.

The strike, originally called by the TUC, has the support of 15 unions protesting against the government’s proposal to make public sector workers pay more and work longer to earn their pensions.

Local government and communities minister, Bob Neill, said that the reforms were essential to lower the burden of tax payers.

“The government's generous new offer to the public sector is a very big move that is beyond what most private employees could hope for. I urge trade unions to respond in a more reasonable manner. The public will judge any widespread or disruptive union action on 30 November as unnecessary and unacceptable, particularly given the low ballot turnouts, Neill added.