Google's online mapping service has changed the name of a Libyan location to what it was before ousted leader Moammar Gadhafi came to power more than four decades ago.

The change occurred on Sunday, hours after the nation's rebel forces invaded Tripoli with little resistance from Gadhafi's army.

The location previously known as Green Square now shows up as Martyr's Square in a Google Maps search of the area, reflecting a name change already being used by rebel forces, The Associated Press reports.

However, don't assume a bleary-eyed Google worker stayed up all night to update the map. The company allows Google users to update its map, which one user apparently did on Sunday night following the rebel's Tripoli victory. Google then approved the change, making it visible to the public.

While the square has been relabeled, users can still find it by searching either name.

The location, which has also been previously known as Independence Square, was called Green Square following Gadhafi's takeover of what was the United Kingdom of Libya in 1969.