There is a new way to enjoy the beloved Thanksgiving flavor of green bean casserole this year and it's being introduced in a way that many wouldn't expect.

Sparkling water company Aura Bora announced earlier this month the release of its new seltzer flavor "Green Bean Casserole." A case of 12 cans costs $33. Its taste is described as "sweet, earthy, and buttery."

"Everyone knows side dishes are the best part of a Thanksgiving meal. So, we upped the ante. Green Bean Casserole was inspired by Aura Bora superfans, who LOVE daring and unassuming sparkling water flavors. We like to say, 'Our Green Bean Casserole is better than your mom's.' I hope you think so too," the Aura Bora co-founder and CEO said in a statement.

Aura Bora is known for its secret menu flavors that it only gives access to its rewards members. It features other unique flavors like "honey pumpkin" and "chai cranberry." The green bean casserole flavor is on the secret menu.

The sparkling water company was only launched 3 years ago, but since then it has raised $10 million in funding to continues its business.

The demand and interest in flavored sparkling water has greatly increased in the past two years. Some believe this is due to it being flavorful, yet can still offer a low sugar and calorie intake.

Flavored sparkling water sales grew 24% between 2020 and 2021. Its sales are also expected to grow annually by 13% through 2028, according to data from Nielsen.

"Aura Bora has brought a fresh perspective to the sparkling water category that is clearly resonating with consumers," Brad Barnhorn who has joined Aura Bora's board of directors said of the company in September.

Barnhorn also serves on the boards of brands including Country Archer, Flying Embers, Rhythm Superfoods and Biena Snacks.