Police in Mexico City made a drunk driving arrest after a man’s pet parrot betrayed him by squawking, “he’s drunk!”

Guillermo Reyes, 49, was driving his blue Chevy by an alcohol checkpoint in Mexico City. As he stopped at the checkpoint, a voice from the car said, “He’s drunk! He’s drunk!” according to Mexican newspaper El Universal.

Authorities thought the voice was coming from a person. Upon further investigation, they found that the voice was actually coming from Reyes’ pet parrot, the paper reported. That led police to give Reyes a Breathalyzer test, which confirmed that Reyes was indeed intoxicated.

Police allowed the bird to stay with Reyes in his jail cell because they feared the parrot might die if it was separated from its owner. The parrot and Reyes were taken to El Torito, a so-called “hangover prison” in Mexico City where drunk motorists are held so they can sober up overnight.