Hard rock band Guns N' Roses filed a lawsuit Thursday against online gun store Texas Guns and Roses for using too similar of a name and causing confusion with their brand.

The band claims that the store and its parent owner Jersey Village Florist "falsely suggested a connection with GNR and was likely to dilute the GUNS N' ROSES mark."

GNR received its trademark license in 2016. They believe even with the different "N" versus "and" in the different names it still has the same overall context.

"This is particularly damaging to GNR given the nature of Defendant's business," the lawsuit reads.

The Texas store is also being sued for damages and the cost of attorney fees. It mainly sells a combination of guns, knives, ammo and more, along with a selection of flowers.

GNR explained the Texas store's stand on gun control and other associated political views also do not align with their views making the push to get rid of the name stronger.

"GNR, quite reasonably, does not want to be associated with Defendant, a firearms and weapons retailer. Furthermore, Defendant espouses political views related to the regulation and control of firearms and weapons on the Website that may be polarizing to many U.S. consumers," the lawsuit reads.

Texas Guns and Roses has not responded to the lawsuit.