In an exciting first half, Wolverhampton and Tottenham are tied at two, as Kevin Doyle and Jermain Defoe are competing for hat tricks after Dirk Kuyt pulled one off earlier today for Liverpool over Manchester United.

Kevin Doyle got the scoring started in the 20th minute, and followed it up 20 minutes later with a penalty goal. There was no red card issued to Tottenham's Allen Hutton for his foul in the box.

But the man of the match has been Jermain Defoe, who has scored two stunning goals for Spurs, one in the 30th minute, and the second in the 40th. Both shots from the Tottenham forward were just inside the crossbar and struck from outside the box.

Defoe was shaken up on a collision a few minutes after his second goal but remained in the game, and seemed to recover fine.

Before the match, the stadium honored Dean Richards. The defender recently died in late February and played for both Tottenham and Wolverhampton.