The norovirus is an infectious virus that causes patients to suffer from incessant vomiting and diarrhea. Anyone can acquire the illness through direct contact with persons infected with the virus. You can also contract the disease through contaminated water or food.

According to health experts, the virus is making a comeback in 2019 after hundreds of Britons were found to be infected. More cases are being reported with the onset of winter. Reports say there are now approximately 700 persons who are found to be infected by the virus.

norovirus outbreak declared by health organizations
norovirus outbreak declared by health organizations qimono - Pixabay

Public Health England also disclosed the almost 700 laboratory reports of norovirus infection in England and Wales since the previous months. There have also been reports of patients going down with the virus in East Yorkshire, Lancashire, Warwickshire, and East Yorkshire. Medical experts are warning the public to take precautionary measures against the virus.

At present, the health body cannot say how the virus will progress as the season becomes colder. PHE also disclosed that norovirus outbreaks are more common in semi-enclosed areas. These include nursing homes, cruise ships, hospitals, and schools. Such outbreaks can also occur in hotels and restaurants.

Major symptoms of the virus include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Infected patients may also have fevers that can reach as high as 38 degrees Celsius or more. They may also suffer from headaches and may experience pain in their legs and arms. The symptoms oftentimes begin in one to days after being infected.

The health body notes that norovirus symptoms can last for two days. It can be treated within the safe confines of your home. With the outbreak, PHE advises patients infected with the virus to stay at home and avoid semi-enclosed spaces like schools until the symptoms have passed. Those infected with the virus should also avoid visiting relatives or friends in hospitals as this could start an outbreak.